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White Pine Berry Farm

The White Pine Story

White Pine Berry Farm started in April  2012. Since then, we’ve grown strawberries, raspberries (red, black and gold), and blueberries.  Other fruits and vegetables such as currants, rhubarb, asparagus, and some fruit trees have been added. We continue to try new varieties of strawberries, blueberry and raspberries. We concentrate on being a U-pick fruit farm, but have jams and jellies and prepicked berries if we have excess fruit beyond U-Pick demand.

White Pine Berry Farm is owned and operated by Greg and Irma Zwald. After 40 years in the dairy farm business, they decided to begin a new chapter in life and White Pine Berry Farm was born.

Married since 1982, Greg and Irma have three grown children, Tanya (husband Alex and son Elijah), Stephanie (husband Jason and daughter Azalea), Andrew (wife Kim, daughter Peyton, and son Luca). Greg grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but Irma grew up in El Salvador, and has lived in the U.S. since 1980. Currently, she works at Western Wisconsin Health as a medical assistant and Spanish interpreter.

In 2019, Andrew and Greg began working together to manage the berry farm.

It is a joy to have families come to share the farming experience with us.