What is Growing at White Pine Berry Farm?

See information below on what we produce and sell.

Items will be marked with an (In Season!) when they are currently available at the farm.


June – Early July
Strawberry picking at White Pine has turned into an annual tradition for many of our friends and customers who love our delicious, certified organic, pesticide free strawberries.  At White Pine we have a unique picking experience where customers get to sample different strawberry varieties and pick your favorite. Yes, you read that correctly – there are different “flavors” of strawberries!  Each variety has its own unique flavor and characteristics.  Wendy is our earliest variety and one of the sweetest!   Jewel, our most popular strawberry, has a tangy burst of flavor that can only come from a farm fresh strawberry.  About half of White Pine’s acres are planted in Jewel. The easiest picking at White Pine comes when Jewels are in season, usually near the end of June.  Dickens is a new variety we are trying on the patch near our fall raspberries.  Valley Sunset has an interesting combination of sweet and tangy and is great for jam making. Our latest maturing strawberry is Malwina! If you like the flavor of Jewel, you will love the flavor of Malwina.  This variety blooms when we are picking most of the others. This means the berries will be ready in July, the same time as our Blueberries and Raspberries!  Other strawberry varieties to try this year are Brunswick and Galletta.  These are brand new varieties from University of Minnesota that we have planted limited amounts of.

☑ Certified Organic

☑Pesticide Free


Price U-Pick $4.25/lb

We Pick $6.25/lb

Quart $9

Note we do not “stock” We-Pick berries to ensure freshness. Please call ahead or order in our online store.

Squash and Pie Pumpkins

September – October (in season)
Whether you like Butternut or Butter Cup, White Pine has the squash for you.  We are warning you though, Farmer Andrew sometimes gets the two mixed up (oops!).  The Butternut are tan colored, bell shaped squash which is great for cooking.  Just cut it in half, take out the seeds, add some butter and seasoning, then pop it in the oven or microwave.  Buttercups are small green squash with a turbin shape, try cooking some with a maple syrup glaze.  Our pie pumpkin varieties are Galeuex d’Eysines and Cinnamon Girl.  Don’t let Galeuex’s warty exterior scare you from turning this pumpkin into a pie! The warts are formed by sugar being secreted by the pumpkin.


September – October (in season)
Every fall, our fields fill up with family and friends coming up to pick the perfect pumpkin.  Wagons and wheelbarrows are brought through the patch to be filled with White Pine Pumpkins. Whether you are looking for a really big pumpkin (are largest last year was 93 pounds!), some Jack O Lantern sized pumpkins, or the perfect small porch pumpkin, we have it for you.  Our most common color is orange of course, but you can find the occasional white or blue as well.   We are hoping to expand our miniature pumpkin acres this year, they are a field trip favorite for our Fall school tours.  We will also have a selection of pumpkins to choose from near our farm store.  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with your carved or painted pumpkins!


Most of the Rhubarb at White Pine goes to making our Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, it’s our # 1 seller.  We are hoping to increase our Rhubarb crop to eventually start making Strawberry Rhubarb pie!

☑ Certified Organic

☑Pesticide Free

Sunflowers & Zinnias

August – September
Back by Popular Demand  We will have an entire field of Sunflowers and Zinnias. Come out and get your perfect selfie.  We will have multiple varieties and paths throughout the patch to enjoy the beauty of these wonderful flowers.  If you would like to book a time for a photoshoot, have your photographer get ahold of us to reserve a time in the Sunflower patch.  Cut your own stem to bring some sunshine home with you.  Please note for 2022, our zinnias really struggled through the drought and weed pressure, there are beautiful flowers out there, the field is just not picturesque.


$10 per person

$20 per family

Price includes field entrance, U-pick sunflowers & zinnias, and unlimited beautiful pictures!

In the Future:

Christmas Trees

Not currently for Sale
We are planning on growing Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, Fraser Fir, and of course a couple of White Pines. We planted them in 2021 and can take about 8-10 years to grow. We also plan to sell precut trees in the future along with having the store open for fudge, jams, and other goodies in the winter as well.


July – August
As strawberry season winds down, our blueberry patch begins to ripen.  Speckles of blue berries appear on our plants located next to our bee habitat and our deciduous woods in July.  We originally planted four varieties Superior, Patriot, Northblue, and St. Cloud in 2013.  Patriots and Superiors are tall plants with berries that pack a punch of flavor in a beautiful berry.  North blue are a shorter plant that is fun to open up a bush and see how many blueberries are hidden inside. Farmer Greg planted St. Clouds in honor of his mother, Grandma Mary, who was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  In 2015, more Patriot and a variety called Blueray were planted.  If you have a sweet tooth, Bluerays are for you!

☑ Certified Organic

☑Pesticide Free


U-Pick: $8/lb

We-Pick: $14/lb or $2o per quart

Note we do not “stock” We-Pick berries to ensure freshness. Please call ahead or order in our online store.


July – September (in season)
U-Pick Raspberries are the reason Farmer Greg started White Pine Berry Farm, he didn’t know of any places to pick raspberries in the area.  Whether it’s a bright red juicy raspberry from our summer plants or a darker, deeper red fall raspberry, your taste buds will dance as you eat a White Pine Raspberry.   The summer raspberry variety is Nova and have that familiar tartness of a farm fresh raspberry.  Most years, the 4th of July marks the beginning of raspberry picking at White Pine. This times out perfectly with our blueberries and Malwina strawberries.

Our fall variety starts to ripen in August. Autumn Britten is Farmer Greg’s favorite.  The darker red berry with a sweet after taste reminds him of the berries grown in his parent’s yard, a perfect treat after a long day’s work. Fall raspberries are available all the way until the first frost! (Well into September most years). Prime picking is typically at the end of August and gets better early September.

Fall Raspberry picking is not complete without getting some of our Golden Raspberry varieties. The sweet taste of Anne is as good as gold!  Its unique look is only surpassed by its delicious sweet flavor.  Make sure to ask Farmer Andrew or one of our team members for a taste test.   We bet you can’t eat just one. 😊 We also have a limited amount of black raspberries, which we use exclusively for making black raspberry jelly!

☑ Certified Organic

X Pesticide Free – we have sprayed our raspberries with an organic approved spray to manage a fruit fly.


U-Pick: $10/lb

We-Pick: $18/quart


May – June
Asparagus fresh cut from the field is the sign Spring has arrived, it is our first crop available each year.  Insider hint: place an order before Strawberry season because come strawberry season we usually sell out well before noon! Call 715-222-2946 or shoot us a Facebook message to place an order.

☑ Certified Organic

☑Pesticide Free


Currants are an old variety of a berry that comes in multiple colors and flavors.  Currants are only sold as U-Pick at White Pine Berry Farm.  We have red, pink, white and black currants at White Pine.  There are many uses for currants such as jams, jellies, eaten fresh (headsup! ~ the red can be very tart!), dried as a substitute for raisins, baked in a pie, or made into a syrup to jazz up a bowl of ice cream.  The black currants grown at White Pine have a very earthy flavor, and can be used in sauces to enhance the flavor of pasta or meat dishes.

Customers from all over the Twin Cities area drive to pick our currants.  Some customers have even made meade, a honey based alcohol. We use the currants to make a unique raspberry currant jelly.

☑ Certified Organic

☑Pesticide Free


U-Pick: $15/lb

We do not offer We-Pick of Currants

In the Future:

Apples, Plums & Cherries

Harold Red apples are available for U-pick

plums and cherries not currently for Sale

Although we have apple, plum, and cherry trees, we do not have any of our own apples, plums or cherries for sale due to deer and vole damage.   We receive many questions about apples, we will continue to strive for our own local, organic apples.  Starting this fall, we are hoping to partner with local orchards to have apples for sale at White Pine Berry Farm during our fall activities.

White Pine has planted Harrell’s Red, Zestar, Sweet Sixteen, Snowsweet, and Honeycrisp varities.  Our Plum varities Black Ice and Toka and Cherry varities are Nanking Bush, Hansen Bush, and Carmine Jewel.