Opening Day will be June 15th 8AM-11AM


Sunday – Closed

Monday – 8AM-7PM

Tuesday June 15th – 8AM-7PM

Wednesday June 16th – 8AM-7PM

Thursday June 17th – 8AM-11AM

Friday June 18th – Closed

Saturday June 19th – 8AM-7PM or Picked Out

Starting Monday, June 21st, hours will be Mon-Sat 8AM-7PM and Sundays 1PM-5PM. This may change based on patch conditions. (For example we are unable to open many Sundays due to heavy picking most Saturdays). We will update as we know more, unfortunately it usually changes only a day or two out. We apologize for any inconvenience  this causes in planning your trips out to the farm in advance.

We may become picked out at ANY time, and all hours may change based on patch condition. ALWAYS check our pinned post at the top of our Facebook, or call before heading out. We do not want you to be disappointed in the available supply.