Current Conditions

We have a numbering system for our fields to indicate the current conditions and what you can expect in the fields. Below are the descriptions of each number:

Current Field Conditions:

Current Conditions for August 6th:

Blueberry fields: 4      Plants are loaded with berries!

Black currants: 2

 Sunflowers are in full Bloom!!!

Favorable Picking

It will take a reasonable amount time to fill a container of berries.

The fields are worth your time to come pick for pleasure and family fun!

Reasonable Picking

It will take a while to fill a container, and there will be some walking around the field required. It is a good opportunity to come grab a snack of berries and enjoy the charming taste of the country!

Modest Picking

You will be able to fill a small container in a reasonable amount of time by walking around the field. Picking is geared to those who don’t mind a hunt, but the quality of the berries you find will be good!

Strawberry Container = Flat
Strawberry Small Container = Quart
Blueberry Container = Quart
Blueberry Small Container = Clamshell
Raspberry Container = Quart
Raspberry Small Container = Clamshell
Currant Container = Bucket
Currant Container = Quart

Prime Picking

A plethora of berries leads to very easy picking. It will take a short time to fill multiple containers with lots of nice sized berries.

Great for filling your freezer as only a few times a year has this much abundance in the fields!